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Proof Roofing offers metal roof repair, refurbishments, and replacements, in commercial and residential areas.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experts use a highly knowledgeable approach to provide customized roofing solutions. Our company has reliable and licensed roofers who have a knack for details to solve the unnoticed problems. Either a damp patch on the ceiling or a full-blown leak, our team will identify and repair roofs.
  • At Proof Roofing, shingle roofing, repair, and installation is offered at a budget-friendly cost and is known for outperforming other forms of roofs.
  • Quality workmanship with customer satisfaction has enabled us to build a solid reputation. We also inspect old roofs regularly to determine their functional life and fix minor issues.

Shingle is a popular roof type not only because of a pleasing appearance of the material but also for its durability and lightweight. Our professionals do shingle installation with the utmost care in Markham.

The versatile design, lightweight structure, excellent water or freezing resistance, and low maintenance have made people opt for shingles than any other type of roof. Shingles enhance every home’s style, changing them from traditional to modern, and rustic to urban.

Our Services

  • Proof Roofing professionals provide eavestrough installation services consisting of gutter installation, repair, and overall maintenance services at an inexpensive price.
  • We remove, replace, or repair every residential or commercial roof with a small fee. Many options for colors and style of roofing shingles are provided to the clients to boost the appeal of homes.
  • Shingles provide larger-than-average exposure for greater visual interest, with a spectacular design. Advanced color blending technology is used to upscale the appearance of roofs at an affordable cost.

Years of experience in handling the exterior needs of the business and homes have made us efficient to get the job done right for the first time. If your property requires repair or replacement in Markham, do not ignore the possible signs.

Only after a thorough inspection and proper evaluation of the condition of your system, contractors will discuss the required action to repair or replace it. A reliable solution is promptly provided after evaluation with advanced tools to stop further deterioration of the building. Simple to the complex project is handled with ease to promptly solve the issue.

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